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The move FACTORY is a forthcoming location focused on transport and mobility of all kinds. From 2022, the site will welcome nearly 1,500 experts and entrepreneurs who all share the same ambition: to support and advance mobility, a fast-moving sector that is central to our daily lives.

The move FACTORY is first and foremost a unique community in Europe dedicated to transport and located in the heart of the European metropolis of Lille.

The move FACTORY is also a new, friendly and exciting place that promotes interaction, sharing of expertise and a collaborative development approach. With its interconnected and fully modular spaces for working and living, the move FACTORY is an important means of accelerating the transformation of mobility projects and businesses.

It’s a place made for all types of transport and mobility. A place made for those who innovate and want to accelerate their growth. A place made for you.

In 2022, key players in transport and mobility are meeting at the moveFACTORY. And you? Where will you be?

experts in transport and mobility
experts in transport and mobility
m2 available for


A place for transport and mobility

the moveFACTORY ?

If we had to say a few words about the move FACTORY, we’d tell you that mobility solutions can only be found by working together. And that we’ve never found a better way than to bring skills and expertise together under one roof, to promote collective innovation and experimentation.

We’d tell you that the project took root at Mobivia and its brands, at the same place their story began 50 years ago, and that the first occupants of the move FACTORY will be their 800 experts.

We’d tell you in particular that it’s a place open to all companies, from startups to major groups, including SMEs, organisations, research centres, schools and universities… To all those who innovate and act for the mobility of the future.

We would also tell you that the move FACTORY will be a great place to work, meet and live. And finally, we’d tell you that we’re certain you’ll be impressed.

But we actually don’t need to tell you any of that… Because ultimately, the story of move FACTORY is as much about you as it is us. It is to be experienced, and told, together.

Join the move FACTORY community

Join the move moveFACTORY community

Are you looking for offices in the city of Lille? Are you hoping to set up in France, at the beating heart of an innovative economic region? Do you want to boost your national and international visibility by moving to the crossroads of Europe?

From 2022, the move FACTORY welcomes you to its corpoworking and subleased spaces.

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I want to enjoy an environment dedicated to accelerating my project, as part of the move FACTORY community.

  • 390 workstations available
  • 1 to 24 months' commitment
  • A shared or private office tailored to you, for 1 to 50 people
  • A range of services so you can focus on what counts
  • An entire community of experts working at your side
  • Maximum flexibility for your management: duration, controlled cost, digital tools, etc.
  • Access to local services (events, job fairs, business meetings, etc.)
  • Access to all event spaces (hub, business centre, multi-purpose room, modular meeting rooms)

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I want to set up my teams and projects in the heart of a dynamic environment.

  • 4,000 m² of available surface area, which can be divided into office spaces of 450 to 2,000 m²
  • short-term leases of 1 to 24 months - classic leases also available
  • Your offices fitted out according to your needs, which grow along with your projects
  • Access to the move FACTORY working environment: event space hire, shared services, etc.
  • Complete flexibility: duration, cost optimisation, etc.

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All roads
lead to the moveFACTORY

In Villeneuve-d’Ascq, in the heart of the Lille metropolis, at the very crossroads of Europe…


“Together, we can become Europe's largest community of mobility experts and entrepreneurs”

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2022: We can see
ourselves there already...

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The moveFACTORY,
who is it for?

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  • Do you play an active role in transport and the future of mobility?
  • Are you looking to step up the development of your projects and business?
  • Would you like to join a community of 1,500 mobility experts and entrepreneurs, and benefit from the first ever European business network dedicated to transport?
  • Do you want to move your employees to a brand new workspace, designed to benefit their work and provide a service environment?
  • Are you looking for maximum flexibility in terms of configuration, office layout, and level of commitment through a tailor-made rental offer that is flexible, attractive, and reasonably priced?
  • Would you like to move to new and fully accessible offices at the heart of the European city of Lille?
dedicated to mobility experts
ways to join the move FACTORY (coworking and subleasing)
(corpoworking and subleasing)

an event!

The move FACTORY offers various event spaces to meet a range of needs: meetings, conferences, evening events, trade fairs, and more. The spaces are available for hire whether you are occupants of the move FACTORY or not yet. For as many as 200 people. All our spaces are fully equipped (projection/sound) and can be interconnected to increase the capacity of your event. You will benefit from personalised support to create a successful event at the move FACTORY.

  • Central Hub | A modular space for conferences, exhibitions, private evenings, and more. Up to 200 people
  • Business centre | Meeting rooms… From 10 to 80 people
  • Multi-purpose room | A modular room tailored to your meetings, events, drinks receptions, etc. Up to 80 people
  • Video studio | Equipped for video recording – sound and photo.
200 people
50 people
200 people
Photo/video studio

Durability, performance and comfort. Sounds perfect, right?

Unique in terms of its theme, philosophy and ambitions, the move FACTORY is also unique from a technical and architectural point of view. For the delivery of the building, scheduled for mid-2022, we are aiming for the highest standards of environmental performance and comfort. Not much then…

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  • Photovoltaic energy generation
  • Self-regulation of the indoor temperature by the building
  • Numerous green open spaces, on the ground and on the roof
  • Charging points for electric cars and bicycle parking bays
  • Intelligent building management
  • BREEAM Excellent certification, a guarantee of performance and consideration of user comfort
  • Energy performance beyond the 2012 thermal regulations (RT), at around 40%
  • BEPOS E3C1 certification.

Our only focus:mobility

But transport and mobility is changing pace

Changes in our consumer behaviour and higher expectations of sustainable development and environmental protection are disrupting the mobility sector.

From road congestion to soft mobility, road safety to Big Data, low-carbon mobility to electric and driverless cars, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), the transformation of organisations and regions, and so much more, all these trends and challenges are driven by one thing: the mobility revolution is here!

Automotive transport is changing. The car as we know it is being challenged by technological developments in vehicles (motorisation, etc.), changes in their use (fleets, car-sharing, etc.), fewer cars on the road, and stronger regulatory requirements designed to address pollution and congestion in urban centres.

Now much more widely available, innovative modes of transport have become a real alternative to the private car: carpooling and car-sharing, passenger vehicles with a driver, and all the different services for short-term use of bicycles, mopeds or scooters. They respond more and more to new mobility needs and the options are multiplying.

Move attitude

Such changes are disconcerting, challenging and inspiring. And because mobility solutions are the result of collaborative work, the move FACTORY brings together all those who have decided to move forward. To push boundaries. To seize opportunities. To commit. And sometimes even, to take risks. To work together on build the mobility of today and tomorrow.

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+ more desirable
+ more intelligent
+ more open

Our sole focus is mobility. But if you want to chat about music or films over coffee, that's OK with us too.

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