Corpoworking made in moveFACTORY

Your installation simplified, modular, efficient.

Your spaces according to your needs, flexible, equipped, pleasant and affordable.

In short, unique!

  • Flexible offices, to be arranged according to your needs
  • An all-inclusive and controlled price per workstation
  • A monthly subscription
  • From 1 to 24 months

Workspace allowing a large company to host external companies on its premises.

m2 of available divisible space
m2 of available divisible space
to 24 months of precarious leases
High five entre deux personnes

Unsplash krakenimages 2

Le sales deck

de la move FACTORY

Découvrez le sales deck move FACTORY, conçu par notre partenaire commercial Dynamic Workplace


Envie de bouger
à la moveFACTORY ?

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