Subletting to themoveFACTORY

Make the move FACTORY your permanent home, with your teams!

Fully customisable spaces and all the advantages of the move FACTORY community.

  • Classic real estate lease (duration to be determined)
  • Access to the facilities, spaces and services of the move FACTORY
  • Equipped or to be equipped according to your needs
  • Office design and architectural advice possible

Set up your teams and projects in offices in a dynamic environment!

m2 of divisible surface
m2 of divisible surface
to 200 people
to 2000 m2 for your company
Personnes au bureau

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Pour télécharger notre brochure commerciale et découvrir en détails les offres de la move FACTORY, merci de renseigner votre mail.


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à la moveFACTORY ?

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